Best Animation Studios in UK

Britain (erstwhile ‘The Great Britain’) or the United Kingdom is yet another animation and film making hub in the world. Many mind-blowing movies have been made in the British studios in the recent times. It has got some elegant, classy and top-notch animation companies with exciting technologies and innovative ideas. Here’s a list of some of the best known animation studios in the UK.


Showboat Entertainment is one of the greatly rising and the fastest growing animation, movie-after-effects and VFX studios in the United Kingdom. With an astonishingly well-equipped studio and a team of dedicated professionals, the animation company just stands out. Showboat is serving best to its clients in the fields of CG animation, 2D & 3D rendering and VFX.

Blue-Zoo Animation Studio

Located in the heart of London, Blue-Zoo is a multi BAFTA award-winning creative led animation production company that combines the skill, experience and resources of a large studio. It finds its place right at the top of the list of animation studios in the UK.

Seed Animation Studio

Situated at the hub of animation in the UK, London, Seed Animation Studio is an award-winning animation production company, with a focus on distinctive character animation. It has done some fascinating animation works in the recent past.

Studio AKA

London-based STUDIO AKA is one of the best known animation studios in the UK. It’s a BAFTA-winning animation production company known internationally for its idiosyncratic and innovative work.