Omnipresence of ANIMATICS in Animation world

Animatics and storyboards are two essential elements in the production of animated video. In order to give a better idea of the motion and timing of complex animation sequences and VFX-heavy scenes, the pre-visualization department within the VFX studio creates simplified mock-ups called “Animatics” shortly after the storyboarding process.

Animatics and storyboards are among the major components of the video production specially the pre production stage. They are the main tools which help in giving the exact shape and the effectiveness of the video and any changes can be done with the help of these tools even wastages are also saved of time and money by these two solutions offered by animation companies.

Showboat Entertainment

There are a lot many animatics studios that are making animatics for years. Showboat Entertainment is one of those who have devoted their time, effort and energy towards making the best possible animatics for their clients. Founded over 8 years ago, this animatics studio has never looked back and has been going ahead steadily.


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