Excellent Animation Studios in Texas

The state of Texas in the USA is one of the cherished animation and special effects hubs in the country and around the world in general. In the recent times it has provided a fabulous platform for super movies film making. There are a lot of excellent animation studios in Texas, which are providing the best services to their clients, some of which are as listed below.


Showboat Entertainment is a well-known animation and after-effects filming techniques giant. It’s world’s one of the leading animation companies specializing in 2D & 3D rendering, CG animations and 3D car modeling. It’s got a vision to do the best animation possible for and suitable to different kinds of individuals and companies from all across the world.

Houston 3D Studio

One of the best animation studios in Texas, Houston 3D Studio has opened the door to state-of-the-art performance providing services designed to give an edge into animation. Located in Houston, TX they specialize in 2D and 3D graphics and animation for video and film.

Greengrass Studios

They are award-winning animators, designers, concept artists, writers, and producers. It follows a unique production line all through conception to distribution of film or other media. It is definitely one of the good animation studios in Texas.

Austin Visuals

Founded in 2007, Austin Visuals has become a 3D Animation Studio powerhouse of elite animators producing high quality 3D animation rendering, modeling & special effects deliverables for a global client base. Based in Austin, TX, it is one of the best animation studios in Texas.

Reel FX Studios

Situated in Dallas, TX, this animation studio has got many animation and special effects awards. It was shortlisted for “Best Animation in an Animated Short” in the 84th Annual Academy Awards 2012, Looney Tunes “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat”.

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