3D Animatics in Detail

An animatic is a kind of a rough sketch for a film. Animatic is rather intended to be enough information for the filmmaker to make intelligent production decisions. An animatic is simply a series of still images presented in sequence — like a slide show, but with the timing determined for each shot.

There are different forms of animatics, one of which is 3D animatics. There are 3D animatic tools and software to create the animatics like Maya and Premiere.The process of making 3D animatics differs from clients to clients and to animatic companies to animatic companies. Some animatic clients choose to test their commercials or film using photographs or video that may or may not have originally been shot for something else. An animatic based around photographs is called a Photomatic. An animatic based around repurposed video is called a Videomatic or a Rip-o-matic. There are some animatic companies who have their own computer-generated 2D and 3D art to use in their animatics.

Showboat Entertainment

Showboat Entertainment is one of the top animation studios in the world. Along with many animations services like 2D & 3D rendering, CG graphics and storyboarding, it provides the best 3D animatics services. Their excellent animatics match the story board and the soundtrack of a video perfectly. They deliver high quality and unique work, perfectly matched to the client’s ideas and wishes. The extensive portfolio the fastest growing animation company has shows the amazing work they have done. Their clients are very much satisfied by their work and speak highly of the prominent work they have delivered.

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