Get the Real Time Rendering

In the whole animation context, companies with good computer systems and software are very much important. As in 3D rendering, various motion sequences in the movie or film is written and finalized. It is done in different stages and at different points of time for which high-tech and upgraded softwares are required.

There are two major types of 3D rendering – photo-realistic rendering, or real-time rendering. Real time rendering is meant for the interactive media, such as games and simulations, is calculated and displayed in real time, at rates of approximately 20 to 120 frames per second. That’s required for making it look real. In real-time rendering, the goal is to show as much information as possible as the eye can process in a fraction of a second.

3D rendering software may simulate such visual effects as lens flares, depth of field or motion blur. These are attempts to simulate visual phenomena resulting from the optical characteristics of cameras and of the human eye. All this eventually lead to beautiful 3D animation at the end.

Showboat Entertainment

Showboat Entertainment is one of the best animation studios you can find in the world offering 2D & 3D rendering, animated short films, ad films, infomercials, caricatures, portraits and post production works like video and audio editing services.  It also offers you a range of pre-production and production services. It has a grand vision to bring in the best ideas, skills and technologies to serve you best.

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