Top three Animation Studios in Chennai

In the recent times the field of animation has been ahead in applying different effects and new technologies in various fields, it has provided a great platform for super movies filmmaking. Animation has become a necessary part of people’s life to create and come out with different things, to showcase them to and create a difference.

The top three Animation studios in Chennai are:

Showboat Entertainment

Showboat Entertainment is one of India’s largest integrated animation and production companies, and was founded over 8 years ago by Dinesh Gahlot, a young spirited and ambitious individual with an aspiration to change the face of global entertainment and marketing with the use of animation and other media features. This is an animation studio, a production house, an editing suite, skilled professionals, this is not a company it is the face of NEW AGE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

JDS Brainwave

They are committed to deliver the best quality industry specific design services and solutions within specified time frames and budgets are prime objective is to help you efficiently communicate and optimize your business process through visual designs and technology.

Accel animation studios

Accel Animation Studios was set up in Chennai in July 2006 as a division of Accel Transmatic Ltd-an IT services company, as part of its initiative to foray in to digital media technologies. The studio was set up by a group of young and talented professionals with working experience in reputed studios in India and USA.

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